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Largemouth Spawning Habits (and How to Locate Them)

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Spawning Habits

Every spring it comes time for bass to spawn. Spawning is when bass come up to shallower water (around 1 to 4 feet deep) to lay their eggs. Spawning begins when the water temperature hits an optimal temperature. Male bass move to the shallower water and create a round spot of sand on the bottom often referred to as a “bass bed.” This is created by the bass beating its fins brushing all debris out of the way and creating a clear surface for the female to lay the eggs. The female then lays the eggs and the male fertilizes them. Once the eggs have been laid the female will not eat for a couple of weeks while she retreats to deeper water. The male stays by the fertilized eggs to protect them until they hatch, which can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to hatch depending upon water temperature. Male bass will stick with the eggs to defend from predators without eating until they hatch. The only way to trigger a bass to strike during this period is to cause an aggression strike with a faster moving bait.


Large Mouth Bass Fishing Tips (The Basics)

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Large Mouth Bass Fishing Basics


To become more successful at anything, we must first understand what we are up against, and how to overcome it. In the game of bass fishing, in order to grow and become a stronger angler, we must know as much as possible about our opposition, the bass. Knowing and understanding where the bass will be is the first obstacle we must face. After this, addressing what they would like to eat is the natural approach. Knowing this will give us the upper hand in approaching the bass and knowing what to put in front of his face that has the best probability of ending up in his mouth. First let us take a look at the largemouth bass as a species of predatory fish, and then dive into understanding what makes them tick.

Hard vs. Soft Tackle Boxes

In the world of fishing, there are many options for everything, what rod you use, what reel you use, bait choice, many different types of lines, hooks and even how and where you are fishing. One of the most important choices next to what rod and reel you use is the best tackle box you’ll use. There are generally two main types of tackle boxes you can use, hard and soft, and while both have their advantages and disadvantages not one type of tackle box is for everyone because different people have different preferences.


Hard Tackle Boxes

Hard tackle boxes are known for their strength, durability and many sizes they come in. Hard tackle boxes are the best choice for casual fisherman and children due to their simplistic designs and durability. Most hard tackle boxes are resistant to cracking, provide great protection to your gear and are simple to use.

Best Way to Fillet A Fish

How To Fillet

If you’ve read my other articles, you should be just coming off a boat full to the gunwales with fish.  Now while I am a strong supporter of catch-and-release, and indeed 99% of my fishing is, I do tend to keep a few to cook up each year.  Here is the best way to prepare most fish:

Here is my preferred method because it is simple, limits waste, and maximizes the size of the fillet.


Early Spring Fishing Tips

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Winter in New England can be long and difficult for most fishermen.  This often times means that as soon as the ice begins to break free from the shoreline and the sun begins to strengthen with the coming of spring, lines are cast into the water.  Here are a few tactics on fishing the ice-out.


When the ice begins to recede, the water temperatures are still quite cold (40’s and 50’s).  Shallower water, especially over darker ground such as rotting plant debris rather than light sand, is the first area to warm up.  Fish are attracted to these locations to warm up too, as they are cold blooded.  It is important to understand this behavior in order to choose the right lures and presentations to optimize your day of fishing.

The fish will still be torpid and lethargic and even a bit reluctant to take the bait.  But, with the proper knowledge you can successfully bring some in.

The Top Bass Fishing Lodges in the World

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Bass fishing lodges are great because they give anglers a place to stay when they are out on their bass fishing trips. There are some fantastic bass fishing lodges located all over the world, and so it will be very helpful to you to be aware of these various bass fishing lodges and which are top in the world.

1. Northern Woods Lodge

One of the top bass fishing lodges is the Northern Woods Lodge. This area of Ontario is fantastic for spectacular sport fishing and the lodge new and comfortable. They are a smaller sized high-quality resort, one that offers extraordinary customer service. They offer anglers a remote and peaceful experience with all the necessary amenities of home.

Monster trophy northern pike, lunker lake trout and beautiful wild brook trout are all very populous in the waters surrounding this bass fishing lodge, and so you are sure to have great success in catching some huge fish.